About 35 new superhero movies and series are coming! Part – 3

Not one, not two, 35 superhero movies and series are coming. Out of which we have discussed 25 movies in the previous two articles.

Among those 25 movies, there are 6 films from the DC Universe, they are – Blue Beetle, Joker: Folie e Deux, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, The Penguin, Superman: Legacy, and The Batman: Part Two. There are also 18 Marvel movies and series, namely – Loki Season 2, Kraven the Hunter, The Marvels, Echo, Ironheart, X-Men ’97, What If…Season 2, Agatha: Coven of Chaos, Madame Web, Deadpool 3, Daredevil: Born Again, Captain America: Brave New World, Thunderbolts, Spider-Man: Freshman Year, Marvel Zombies, Blade, Fantastic Four, and Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, and also coming Gen V, an on-spin series from the world of The Boys.

However, the list of superhero movies does not end here. Both DC and Marvel have multiple more films in their pipeline. Let’s take a look at what films DC and Marvel have in their timeline.

New Upcoming Superhero Movies

1. Avengers: Secret Wars (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

Avengers: Secret Wars is the last movie of the Marvel Universe’s sixth phase. This film will release in 2027.

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2. Armor Wars (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

Although earlier it was supposed to be released as a series, but this time Marvel’s Armor Wars is being developed as a film. Marvel is bringing a separate film about James Rhodes aka Rhodey aka War Machine from Iron Man which will be released on Disney+. Don Cheadle – who will be seen as Rhodey. Don will be seen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the sixth time with this film.

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3. Static Shock (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

A new hero is coming to the DC Universe, Virgil Hawkins, better known as Static Shock. The film will be directed by Michael B. Jordan and Randy McKinnon is writing the screenplay. But the work of the film is stopped now for various unknown reasons.

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4. Silk (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

Several Spiderman movies are releasing. Recently Sony’s Spiderman: Across the Spider-Verse movie has been released. However, this time Spider-Man is going to come as a separate series! However, it is a female character named Cindy Moon who is turned into a Spider-Woman after beaten by a radioactive spider.

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5. Un-named Superman Project (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

National Book Award-winning author Nehisi Coates penned for no name decided)Warner Bros. and DC. Well, fans are about to get a new Superman! However, there is no official announcement about the cast of this film yet, as the film is still in the writing stage.

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6. Un-named Wakanda series (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

This time, different stories of Wakanda will come to Disney+ as a series, not a movie. It is believed that there may be a separate series with Okoye, one of the commanders of Wakanda. But since the series is still in its initial stages, the makers have not revealed much about the series.

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7. Wonder Man (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

Disney+ is ready to bring one series after another. Do you know the specialty of Wonder Man? In addition to being the hero of Marvel, he is also the villain! Director Destin Daniel Cretton will direct the series.

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8. The Brave and the Bold (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

We all know about the Batman’s sidekick, Robin. But, after a film released in 1997, Batman and Robin, we haven’t seen any film about Robin till date. But, this time it seems that Robin is ready to come on the big screen again to fulfill the expectations of the fans. The name of the film is The Brave and the Bold. The film will be based on the comics written by Grant Morrison.

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9. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

This is not a Marvel or DC Universe film. Based on a comic series called The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Producer Don Murphy wants to produce this film. Justin Hyatt wrote the screenplay for this film. It will be released on the Hulu platform.

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10. Spiderman 4 (New Upcoming Superhero Movies)

After Tom Holland starrer Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Spider-Man: Far From Home, Spider-Man 4 is all set to arrive. Tom Holland won everyone’s hearts as Spiderman.

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However, this is not the end. Miles Morales is still a member of the animated Spider-Universe. But this time, Marvel will bring a live-action film with him.

Also, other films in the DC Cinematic Universe are ready to release including The Authority and Swamp Thing. In addition, several other series will be released under this universe, notably Creature Commands, Waller, Lanterns, Paradise Lost, and Booster Gold.

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