Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date, Leaked Update, Rumor

Mirzapur Season 3

Mirzapur is one of the most popular OTT web series in the world. You will find it’s fans everywhere. Mirzapur is the most-watched Indian web series after Sacred Games. Its second season was even ranked as the most-watched web series of 2020. One of the main reasons why this web series is popular is its story and its characters. All in all, this series is amazing. It even has a rating of 8.5 on IMDB.

Till now, 2 seasons have been released of this series, and the viewers are waiting for the 3rd season and are eager to get all the details about this series from the makers. In this regard, the first episode of the first season of Mirzapur was released on 16th November 2018. But now the nation wants to know what is the Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date!

Mirzapur Season 3 Cast

mirzapur season 3 cast

Before knowing Mirzapur Season 3 Cast, we need to know who played the lead role in the previous 2 seasons of this series, and who played which role.

  • 1. Ali Fazal played the role of Govind Pandit aka Guddu.
  • 2. Sweta Tripathi Sharma played the role of Golu Gupta.
  • 3. Vijay Verma played the role of Bharat Tyagi.
  • 4. Pankaj Tripathi played the role of Akhandanand Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya.
  • 5. Divyendu Sharma played the role of Phoolchan Tripathi/Munna Tripathi.
  • 6. Kulbhushan Kharbanda starred as Satyanand ‘Bauji’ Tripathi / Bauji.
  • 7. Amit Sial acted as RS Maurya / Mourya / Maurya / Ram Sharan Maurya.
  • 8. Rajesh Tailang played the role of Ramakant Pandit / Ramakant Pandey.
  • 9. Rasika Duggal played the role of Bina Tripathi.
  • 10. Lilliput is played by Devdutt Tyagi or Dadda.
  • 11. Vivaan Singh starred in as Neelam Satyanand Tripathi.
  • 12. Shernavaz Jijina played the role of Shabnam.
  • 12. Pramod Pathak played the role of JP Yadav.
  • 13. Anjum Sharma played the role of Sharad Shukla.
  • 14. Shaji Chaudhary played the role of Maqbool Khan.
  • 16. Harshita Gaur played the role of Dimpy Pandit.
  • 16. Sheeba Chadda played the role of Vasudha Pandit.
  • 17. Shahnawaz Pradhan plays the role of Parshuram Gupta.
  • 18. Isha Talwar played the role of Madhuri Yadav Tripathi.
  • 19. Shriya Pilgaonkar starred as Sweety Gupta / Sweety.
  • 20. Anjum Sharma starred as Sharad Shukla / Sharad.
  • 21. Aasif Khan played the role of Babar.
  • 22. Vikrant Massey played the role of Bablu Pandit.
  • 23. Anil George acted as Lala.
  • 24. Abhishek Banerjee played the role of Compounder.

Many of these characters have died in the series, including Munna Tripathi, Bauji, Sweety Gupta, Babar, Bablu Pandit, and Compounder. Everyone except them will be seen in Season 3.

Mirzapur Season 3 Crew Members

mirzapur season 3 cast and crew

As we all know Gurmeet Singh, Mihir Desai, Karan Anshuman, and Anand Iyer have worked as the directors on this web series, and hopefully, they will also direct the 3rd season of Mirzapur Season 3. Puneeth Krishna, Viniti Krishna, Karan Ayushmann, Apoorva Dhar Badgaian, Abhinash Singh, and Vijay Varma have so far written the screenplay, and dialogues for the Mirzapur Season 3, and are expected to continue in this role for the 3rd season of the series. Mirzapur Season 3 is produced by Ritesh Sidhwani, and Farhan Akhtar (Excel Entertainment).

Mirzapur Season 3 Update

Talking about the Mirzapur Season 3 Update, so far, the makers have not announced any official details of the Mirzapur Season 3 Release date or anything. Since the series’s first season had 9 episodes and the second season had 10 episodes, it can be assumed that the 3rd season will also have 10 episodes.

The shooting of the Mirzapur Season 3  is said to have started in June 2022. On 4th December 2022, Ali Fazal, the main character of the show, shared a picture from the set of the show on social media and wrote, “It’s a Wrap!” In 2022, all the shooting of the show has been completed, and post-production work is almost completed. The previous two seasons of this series have all been shot in different parts of Uttar Pradesh. However, many of the shoots of this season are being done in Uttar Pradesh as well as in Varanasi.

Mirzapur Season 3 Trailer Release Date

Talking about Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date or Trailer Release Date, no trailer for Mirzapur Season 3 has been released till now. There is no official information about this from the makers. However, it is expected that the makers will release it very soon.

Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date 

Regarding, Mirzapur Season 3 Release Date, according to reports from various websites, Mirzapur Season 3 release date was slated in September 2023. But, that is no longer possible.

Now according to sources from various websites, the Mirzapur season 3 release date will be in January 2024. But as we are at the end of January month of 2024, and we still haven’t received any news about the Mirzapur season 3 release date from the makers, the series will not be released this month.

According to many websites, the Mirzapur Season 3 release date will be in March or June 2024. However, some sources have strongly expressed that the third season will be released in March month of 2024. However, the makers have not announced anything exact yet. It is to be noted that the 2nd season of Mirzapur was supposed to be released in 2019, which was released in October 2020.

Where to Watch Mirzapur Season 3?

The previous two seasons of the series were released on the OTT platform Amazon Prime in 2018 and 2020. The third series Mirzapur Season 3, will also be released on Amazon Prime.

Story of Mirzapur Season 3

As we know, the Mirzapur series revolves around carpet exporter Akhandananda Tripathi aka Kaleen Bhaiya who is also a millionaire and don of Mirzapur city in Uttar Pradesh. Akhandananda’s son Phulchand “Munna” Tripathi wants to take his father’s place, but Munna is unable to get the place as he is unable to prove himself in front of his father.

On the other hand, there is the honest and respected lawyer of the town, Ramakant Pandit, and his two sons Guddu Pandit and Bablu Pandit, who later start working under Kaleen Bhaiya, which Kaleen’s son Munna cannot accept and at the end of the first season he kills Bablu among the two brothers. At the beginning of the second season, Guddu and Golu are hiding and trying to take over Kaleen Bhaiya’s business.

At the end of this season, Guddu and Golu take revenge on Kaleen’s son Munna, but Kaleen  Bhaiyas gets injured and escapes. He was rescued by Sharad Shukla. On the other hand, Munna’s wife Madhuri Yadav should not be forgotten. However, one thing can be said after the second season, this battle between Kaleen Bhaiya and Guddu Pandit and Golu Gupta will not end with the death of Munna Tripathi. Rather, with the arrival of Munna’s wife Madhuri Yadav it will increase.

Isha Talwar played the role of Madhuri Yadav, one of the main characters of the series. She said in an interview about season 3, “ Madhuri Yadav as we already saw in season 2 had almost snatched power towards the end from Kaleen Bhaiya essayed the wonderful Pankaj Tripathi for reasons best known to her. When you take on such an important character in the show, please accept nothing but great drama intertwined riding on big EQ! This next bit can be left for another story closer to the show because the audience is still confused About Munna’s death – I know this from personal experience.”

Budget of Mirzapur Season 3

According to various media reports, the first season of Mirzapur cost approximately Rs 12 crore. The second season cost about 5 times more at Rs 60 crore to make, and the third season, Mirzapur Season 3 is estimated to cost around Rs 78 crore.

Fanmade Theory about Mirzapur Season 3

One question in the minds of most of the viewers is that the first season of Mirzapur ended with the death of Bablu Tripathi i.e. Guddu and the second season ended with the death of Munna Tripathi i.e. Kaleen  Bhaiya’s son and the killer of Bablu, so what will happen at the end of the third season? Who will die?

What do you think about the story of Mirzapur Season 3?

  • 1) Many believe that Munna (Divyendu Sharma) is still alive and may return in the Mirzapur Season 3.
  • 2) Guddu (Ali Fazal) has become the new don of Mirzapur. Kaleen Bhaiya (Pankaj Tripathi) will surely return to avenge his son’s death.
  • 3) As seen at the end of Season 2, Sharad Shukla (Anjum Sharma) runs away with Kaleen Bhaiya. Many feel that he will play an important role in Mirzapur Season 3 and will be the new don of Mirzapur.
  • 4) If Kaleen finds out that Veena cheated him and that too with Maqbool’s help, his fate will take a new turn.
  • 5) Many fans also believe that Chote Tyagi i.e. Shatrughan Tyagi is alive. He will play an important role in the Mirzapur Season 3. Many fans also believe that he will beat Golu.
  • 6) Some fans feel that Robin’s true identity is yet to be revealed. He will show his colors in the upcoming season.

Controversy about Mirzapur

According to reports on various websites, a lawyer has filed a complaint against the team of Mirzapur, regarding its character Veena Tripathi, played by Rasik Duggal. Veena Tripathi has an intimate relationship with the house servant and father-in-law in this series. The lawyer described the incident as an insult to the 30 lakh people of Mirzapur city and their culture.

Also, actress Kangana Ranaut questioned the crime thriller and its glorification of such crimes.


Is Mirzapur season 3 also coming?

Yes, Mirzapur season 3 may hit the OTT in March or June 2024.

How can I watch Mirzapur Season 3?

You can enjoy Mirzapur Season 3 on the OTT platform Amazon Prime.

Will Munna be in Mirzapur 3?

As per the media and reports, there are very minute chances of the return of Munna in Mirzapur 3.

How many seasons Mirzapur has?

Till now, there have been two seasons of Mirzapur, Mirzapur 1, and Mirzapur 2, and the third season will be released in 2024.

Is Mirzapur based on a real story?

No, Mirzapur is not based upon a true story, but the incidents, characters, and the power and politics we saw there are based on some true events or characters.

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