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Akansha Sharma

Akansha Sharma’s beautiful face appears on the screen of many popular music videos. We can resemble this face from a little past in the ad for Santoor Shop or dairy milk Cadbury. That mesmerizing beauty is none other than hot and gorgeous Akansha Sharma, a model and actress who has done some beautiful commercials and forms in the past few years and has appeared in music videos. On the internet, there were a lot of searches based on her age, career biography, etc. So stick with us for all those details about these beautiful and scenic models.

akansha sharma in black saree

Who is Akansha Sharma?

The exquisite actress and cum model, Akansha Sharma, was born on April 14, 1997, in Bahadurgarh, Haryana, into a Hindu family. Generally, she started her career as a model, shifted to TV commercials, and slowly got a breakthrough on big silver screens.
If we put a little pressure on our nerves, we can remember a beautiful girl featured with Barundhawan in a stadium, catching a ball in the ad for Santoor Shop. Yes,  this is that girl from the past, Akansha Sharma.

Akansha Sharma’s Education?

Akansha Sharma started her schooling at Bal Bharti School, Bahadurgarh, and after she passed the 8th standard, she relocated to Gurgaon and completed her schooling at Haryana and Queens Valley School, Dwarka, New Delhi. After that, she completed her graduation from the University of Mumbai.

Akansha Sharma’s Family?

Akansha was born into a Hindu family. Her mother’s name is Sakshi Sharma. Akansha had a brother named Dhruv Sharma.

Akansha Sharma’s age, height, and figure?

According to 2023, this beauty is 26 now. And if we talk about her height and figure, yes, she possesses a really good one. With a height of 5 ft 7 inches, or 170 cm, and a weight of 55 kilos. Her hot, lean body measured 34-26-34, which is really attractive to see. She had a nice black eye and brown hair.

Akansha Sharma's Career?

akansha sharma and badsha jugnu song poster

Like most of the actresses, Akansha Sharma started her career as a model. Then she slowly shifted to TV commercials.

Akansha Sharma Ads

We can see her in ads for Santoor Shop and dairy milk Cadbury. At that time, she was popularly known as “Santoor Girl,”, a beautiful mom with her girl, and notably, if we recall our memory, in that ad, Varun Dhawan was also there.

Akansha Sharma Music Video

  • Do din-

In 2018, she appears in the song “Do Din” by the famous young Indian singer Darshan Raval. The song was sung and composed by Darshan Raval.

  • I’m a Disco Dancer 2.0.

But she got the real spotlight after being featured in the song “I’m a disco dancer 2.0” with Tiger Shroff in 2020. The song featured Tiger Shroff and Akansha Sharma in the lead roles. The song was directed and choreographed by Bosco Leslie Martis. The music of the song was produced by Salim-Sulaiman, and the voice was that of Benny Dayal. The song was a reinterpretation of the popular iconic song I am a Disco Dancer, which was a hit song from the 1980s hit film Disco Dancer.
In that 1980s film, the lead character was Mithun Chakrabarty, and the song was done by the Golden Man, Bappi Lahiri.

  • Casanova –

Again in 2021, she shared the big screen with Tiger Shroff in the song “Casanova”, The song was composed by Avitesh Shrivastava and produced by TrakFormaz. Tiger Shroff himself sang the song, and it was produced by TrakFormaz.

  • Jugnu –

And last but not least, she also shares the screen with Badshah in the song Jugnu. She played the lead female character in that song. The composition and lyrics were done by Badshah, and Nikhita Gandhi was a co-artist on this song.

Akansha Sharma Movies

She made her debut film, Trivikrama, in 2022, which was a Kannada-language romantic drama. Sahana Murthy directed the film, and the lead characters were Vikram Ravichandran and Akanksha Sharma.

Akanksha Sharma Boyfriend and Marital Status?

akansha sharma boyfriend social media rumor

Regarding this topic, Akanksha Sharma isn’t that active on social media. A few days ago, after the release of the song Casanova, there was a rumor spread on social media that Tiger Shroff was dating Akanksha Sharma, but maybe it was just another rumor. Till now, as per the media and reports, she is single and unmarried.

Akanksha Sharma Net Worth

There is no such particular data that reveals the actual income or Akanksha Sharma’s net worth, but as she is doing in her career, we can assume that she has at least 1 to 1.5 crore of net worth.

Akanksha Sharma Instagram

akansha sharma instagram

One can follow this stunningly hot and beautiful actress and model at @akanksharmaa. She has a following of 819k, and she posts her shoot, daily life pictures, and hot appearances on her Instagram handle.


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