Kolkata Cinema Hall Couldn’t Release Jawan For Tiger 3!

Few hours to go, and the Jawan storm is will be landed soon. The shows are houseful in several cinemas in the country and abroad. But, a movie theater in Kolkata has decided to not release Jawan for Tiger 3. Despite everything being in order, Jawan is not going to be released in Kolkata’s Priya cinema hall which disappointed Shah Rukh fans.

The owner of Priya Cinema Hall, Arijit Dutt, recently said, “Also, one of the fan clubs who were supposed to have a screening of Jawan on the 7th at Priya has therefore shifted their plans to Bijoli Cinema. So those who were waiting to watch Jawan at Priya Cinemas, please look elsewhere.”

But why did the owner of the movie theater say that? Why this drastic decision?

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Why Jawan is not getting a slot in a hall of Kolkata?

The answer was found yesterday, from a Facebook post by a Facebook page called ‘Cinema – A Love Letter’. In that Facebook post, they wrote, “SVF, who are the distributors of Jawan in Kolkata have made some demands which are downright illogical. The demand is that Priya Cinemas needs to showcase SVF’s own Bengali films in all the shows instead of taking the highly anticipated YRF Spy Universe’s Tiger 3 in Diwali. Bengali sentiments aside, does anybody even know which Bengali films are coming this Diwali? Can they fill even half of the seats as a tentpole film like Tiger 3 can? Can you imagine the amount of losses that a single-screen theatre will incur if they only run Bengali films throughout Kali Puja/Diwali? At a time when single-screen theatres are dying in Kolkata and exhibitors look forward to big-budget films to fill in seats, it’s such a shame such kind of dirty politics is played. It’s a pity that one of the most premium/affordable single-screen theatres that we have left in Kolkata would not be able to screen such a big film as Jawan. Shame 😡”

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So, it means, all the movie lovers who regularly visit Priya Cinemas in Kolkata, will now have to choose another cinema hall to watch Shah Rukh Khan’s much-awaited film Jawan. Below is their post –


In this regard, it should be noted that the advance booking of Jawan has started from Friday i.e. from 1st September. After the advance booking began, about 4 lakh tickets of Jawan have been sold within 2 days. However, this information on ticket sales is only from INOX, Cinepolis, and PVR. A total of 318,500 tickets have been sold from INOX and Cinepolis, and 72,500 tickets have been sold from Cinepolis till 10.15 a.m. on Wednesday. The information is taken from Taran Adarsh’s X handle.

However, Jawan is continuously creating records. Jaawan is going to be released on the world’s largest IMAX screen. Jawan is going to achieve this feat as the first Indian movie. Note that this screen is located in Lunenburg, Germany, with a length of 125 feet and a width of 72 feet.

Also, one of Jaawan’s achievements is one of the first Indian films to have a first show at 6 a.m., which will be seen in Mumbai’s Galaxy Theatre.

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