Latest Front Neck Design For Kurti: Choose the perfect style

People are defined by their clothes, and girls are very particular regarding clothes. They all follow trendy fashion and the latest styles. There are different types of women’s clothing, but Kurti has now found a place in women’s daily wear. What was earlier known as traditional wear and was used only for wearing on certain occasions has now made it to the list of casual wear.

Coupled with jeans, leggings, palazzos, shorts, ghagras, and skirts, nowadays all different types of kurtis have changed the definition of style.

Today our article topic is Kurti. We will discuss various front-neck designs. For Kurti,  

Front Neck Design for Kurti and Latest Front Neck Design for Kurti, and which suits whom?

In today’s article, the first front neck design for Kurti we will discuss about Latest Front Neck Design For Kurti.

Latest Front Neck Design For Kurti

Front Neck Design For Kurti – Band Collar

Band collar kurtis are suitable for various occasions; better said, for any special occasion, this type of kurti is suitable. These types of kurtis have designs throughout the entire kurti, starting from the neck to all the regions. Both long and short-band collar kurtis are available. However, women opt for long-band collar kurtis for special occasions.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan wearing Front Neck Design Kurti Womens Cotton Embellished Anarkali/dp/B0968K8GLF/?tag=idivamensa 21

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2. Kurti Front Design – V Neck

From Anarkali to Viscose, V-neck cuts are seen in any type of kurti. Nowadays, the use of this collared Kurti can be seen everywhere. Various types of V-neck-designed kurtis are available on the market.

Below is a style of Anarkali Kurti with a V collar. angrakha pattern anarkali dupatta/dp/B0B8YGP82C/?tag=idivamensa 21

Priyanka Chopra in V Neck Kurti Front Design

3. Front Neck Design For Kurti – Round Neck 

Most of the Kurtis are seen with round neck cuts. Different styles of this simple round-cut Kurti are available on the market. Long, short, or gown kurti, in all cases you will get the round neck cutting.

But you can give this simple round-neck kurti a unique look by wearing a jacket. Womens Straight Anarkali X Large/dp/B08XBB4FCH/?tag=idivamensa 21

Did you not understand? Check out the below examples:

5 31
Sara Ali Khan wearing a round-neck Kurti

A simple round-neck kurti also becomes unique if the sleeves of that simple kurti are netted. Check out one such type below. Womens synthetic straight FESTIVE/dp/B07V27QPJQ/?tag=idivamensa 21

4. Latest Neck Pattern For Kurti – Closed Round Neck 

Many people may think there is variation between round necks.

Yes, the only difference between round-neck and closed round-neck kurtis is that closed round-neck kurtis are up to the chest.

Tamannah Bhatia in the Latest Neck Pattern For Kurti

You may have this type of Kurti; you just don’t realize it. This type of Kurti can be worn with jeans, leggings, and even skirts. Womens Digital Straight 322K772 S_Black/dp/B098DKN7X8/?tag=idivamensa 21

5. Latest Neck Pattern For Kurti – Open Round Neck

Like a closed round neck, an open round neck variation is also available. Open round-neck kurtis with strap sleeves are the perfect blend of comfort and fashion. These kurtis go well, especially with palazzos and skirts. LIFESTYLE Georgette Sharara Diamond/dp/B099NDFGVT/?tag=idivamensa 21

Capture 1
Katrina Kaif in the Latest Neck Pattern For Kurti

6. Latest  Front Neck Design For Kurti – Sweetheart neckline

Many of you may be wondering what’s new with this neckline. This neckline is not new; you might have worn such neckline kurtis before, but you don’t know the exact term. Check out the image below:

The picture shows a viscose-printed Kurti, which you can wear with golden leggings, a palazzo, or a flared skirt.

Tara Sutaria in Sweetheart Neckline Kurti

7. Front Neck Design For Kurti – Kurti with Collar

One cannot find a woman who wears a Kurti but does not wear a collared one. Collars are usually seen on most Pathani kurtis.

To suit you, we are offering an example of a Pathani Kurti below, with elbow-length sleeves, collared, buttoned, and a U-cut flare. You can wear it with a palazzo, leggings, jeans, a skirt, anything. Pathani Sleeve Stylish XX Large/dp/B09HC16N1V/?tag=idivamensa 21

collared kurtas celebrities
Sonakshi, Anushka, and Kajol wearing Collared Kurti

8. Kurti Front Design – Round Neck Slit Kurti

Round-neck kurtis are unique for several reasons, one of which is the tie-up tassels near the neck. Again, if that kurti has side and front slits, you can complete your look with these kurtis by pairing them with leggings and jeans. Chase Womens Regular MCAW18TP11 96 192_Multicoloured_Large/dp/B07PRYBPCF/?tag=idivamensa 21

katrina kaif sara ali khan deepika padukone who looks drop dead gorgeous in front slit kurti
Bollywood actress wearing several types of slit kurti

The exampled one has a front and side slit, while some kurtis only have a front slit. This Kurti with a Thai high-side slit in the front is a bit unique to look at; check out the link below. Choice Womens Anarkali White_XXL/dp/B07CNBM2HD/?tag=idivamensa 21

9. Kurti Front Design – Another type of V Neck

We have already given one type of V-neck, but this Kurti looks a bit unique, a bit like a house coat. This Kurti with three-quarter sleeves is not for casual wear. Gallery anarkali 141 YK 251PINK L _Pink_Large/dp/B078V238FG/?tag=idivamensa 21

10. Latest Neck Pattern For Kurti – Embroidery work near the neck only

Round-neck kurtis are available in many designs. But some kurtis have embroidery work only near the neck, chest, and wrists, and the entire kurti is of one color. This type of kurti is quite trendy these days. This type of kurti is more attractive if it is an umbrella cut.

 Below, we have given an example of a Kurti in a mix of orange and pink colors. FAB Printed Anarkali Embroidery/dp/B09GPB5VY3/?tag=idivamensa 21

11. Latest Front Neck Design For Kurti – Round Neck Plane Kurti

Plain kurti, three-quarter sleeves, but only golden work near the neck, and that work is also on the sleeves. Besides, there is no work in the whole kurti. This kurti is suitable for casual wear. Womens Palazzos Dupatta Label GO_Blue_Medium/dp/B09Q12YX38/?tag=idivamensa 21

12. Latest  Front Neck Design For Kurti – Front Slit V Neck Kurti

There are many styles of V-neck kurtis. Among these, the most trendy and stylish type is considered to be front-slit V-neck Kurtis. You can wear these three-quarter-sleeve kurtis with or without pants. Womens Mustard Chiffon Frontslit/dp/B09SDXQ3X9/?tag=idivamensa 21

13. Latest Neck Pattern For Kurti – Collar with a chain attached to the neck

Currently, kurtis with chains or zippers are also available. In this collared high-neck Kurti, you get a front zipper that is not right in the middle but a little towards the left, which gives this outfit a unique look. Also, if this dress has an asymmetrical flare cut, it becomes more trendy. Check out  – Womens Princess Crepe JNE1233 BLUE KR 031_Blue_Large/dp/B01M1L6330/?tag=idivamensa 21

14. Latest  Front Neck Design For Kurti – Asymmetric Closed Neck Kurti

We have already discussed the closed neck, but an asymmetrical design is one way to make this closed-neck kurti look trendy. The rugged style of this kurti gives it uniqueness. See below: Womens Cotton Printed Multicolor/dp/B07FSPSKV5/?tag=idivamensa 21

Kajal Agarwal
Kajal Agarwal wearing an Asymmetric Kurti

The purpose of this article is to give you ideas, but you choose the clothes that suit your personality. Share and comment if you like.

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