Indo-Western Look For Navratri: Choose Perfect Indo-Western Navratri Outfits

People always want to be in joy, and this joy gets a hike, when there is a festival. People now celebrate every little thing, be it national or regional festivals. Recently, the entire country was celebrating Ganesh Puja. Festivals like Durga Puja, Dussehra, Diwali, and  Navratri are also coming soon. So, it’s important to think about Navratri outfits.

And when this festival comes, the main concern of people is about the selection of clothes. Exactly which outfit will be suitable for the festival, Western, or Indian, or the mixture of these two, Indo-Western? Which will be best for them?

Today’s topic of writing is what exactly will you wear in this upcoming  Navratri festival? What clothing could be your best choice? Western, Indian, or Indo-Western Navratri Outfits?

If you search for  Navratri dresses, you will get multiple choices online, but the dresses you search for may be worn by many, so how you will look unique? 

Today we are going to give you some new ideas for wearing an Indo-Western Dress For  Navratri and also some Modern Indo-Western Navratri Outfits, which will make you stand out from everyone else.

 Navratri of 2023 is going to start on 15th October and end on 24th October. On which day with which dress, you can give yourself a unique look, today we will give you that idea.

Indo-Western Navratri Dress –  Kurtas and Long Skirts

This year, the first day of  Navratri i.e. 15th October, falls on Sunday. On this first day of the festival, this oldest and most popular dress can be your first choice. However, you can innovate by wearing a colourful combination. According to the scriptures, you can wear orange-coloured clothes on the first day of  Navratri. So you can dress yourself up in orange printed or plain clothes.

Aditi Rao Haydari setting the perfect example of Indo-Western Navratri Dress

Indo-Western Dress For Navratri – Shirt With a Long Skirt

This year, the second day of  Navratri i.e. 16th October, falls on Monday. On the second day of the festival, you can wear something simple yet attractive, and all women feel comfortable in such clothes now, To get this combination wear your favorite shirt with any lehenga or long skirt. 

Didn’t get it exactly? Look at the picture below

haldi ceremony dresses 52
Kiara Advani gives the perfect example of Indo-Western Dress For Navratri

According to the scriptures, wearing white colour on the second day of Navratri is very auspicious. So make yourself attractive with your personality by wearing plain white clothes.

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Indo-Western Navratri Dress – Sarara and Crop Tops

October 17 is the third day of  Navratri this year, which falls on a Tuesday. The auspicious colour for this third day is red. So to give yourself a unique look in red, you can team up with a stylish halter or turtle neck crop top with sarara. You can also wear a veil with it, and you can use it as an anchal of saree on one side.

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Indo Western Dress For Navratri  – Kaftans and Pants

This year the fourth day of  Navratri falls on October 18, and the day is Wednesday. Royal Blue is very auspicious for this day. The only reason Kaftan will be your first choice on  Navratri Chaturthi this year is its traditional looks, which you can get in various shades, be it embroidered, printed, or plain. All kinds of kaftans are available in the market now. This outfit can complete you with white pants and a stiletto.

Kajol in Shivan Narresh

Indo Western Look For Navratri Panchami – Cape and Sarara

This year’s  Navratri Panchami falls on 19th October which will be held on Thursday. According to scriptures, wearing yellow color on the fifth day of  Navratri is very auspicious. And this time on Panchami your choice of Indo-Western outfit can be a crop top with Sarara, and instead of a veil you can use a cape. You can also use a cape with your Sarara set instead of wearing a crop top.

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Indo-Western Navratri Outfits – Tunic and Pants

This year, the sixth day of  Navratri falls on Friday, October 20th. A stylish tunic and pant set can be the best choice for you to make yourself look bold and stunning during the festive season. This dress is extremely comfortable, along with giving you a traditional look. Wearing green color is very auspicious according to Shastra on this day. You can dress yourself up in this green color dress.


Indo-Western Navratri Outfits – Velvet kurta and pants

The seventh day of Navratri, Saptami falls on the 21st of October this year and it falls on a Saturday. Kurtas and pants can be one of your most trendy choices these days. However, it will be unique, if the kurta and pants are made of velvet. The floral print on this dress to make it more unique. According to the scriptures, you can wear gray-colored clothes on the seventh day of  Navratri.

Sara Ali Khan exudes elegance in black velvet set 4

Modern Indo-Western Navratri Outfits for Ashtami – Saree Fusion

This year  Navratri Ashtami is on the 22nd of October, which falls on a Sunday. Many people want to celebrate the day of Ashtami with great joy while keeping the tradition. And that’s why everyone has been wearing saree as the only traditional dress for ages. But in present times sarees have been given a Western look. And that look is also very popular.

Modern Indo-Western Navratri Outfits

For example, many wear jackets over sarees, or crop tops instead of matching blouses. According to Shastra, it is auspicious to wear purple on Ashtami. Watch it here –

Capture 1
Samantha showed us how to wear a jacket on a Saree
307517 jacqueline fernandez hot saree blouse
Jaqueline set the example of crop top and saree

Indo-Western Look For Navratri – Dhoti Outfit

The last day of  Navratri this year falls on October 23, which is on a Monday. On this day you can wear an outfit that is extremely comfortable and able to give yourself a traditional look. And for this dhoti outfit can be your best choice. This dress is very easy to wear, and available in different colors. According to the scriptures, Peacock Green is to be worn on this day.

parineeti chopra sonakshi sinha karisma kapoor and vidya balan tinsel town actresses unique ways to style dhoti pants 736x920 1

Modern Indo-Western Navratri Outfits – Ethnic Long Jacket With Palazzo

Dasera, i.e. the last day of the festival. Everyone is melancholy at the end of the festival but says goodbye every year with dance songs and fun. And on this day, an ethnic long jacket with a palazzo can be your main choice to float in the festive mood. Nowadays palazzo dresses are very popular. This dress is very comfortable and suitable for all kinds of occasions. But to add a Western touch to this outfit, you can add a long ethnic jacket over the palazzo.

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The purpose of this article is to give you ideas, but you choose the clothes that suit your personality. Share and comment if you like.

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