With 34-28-34, Sameeksha Takke drooling her fans!

Sameeksha Takke: Intro 

Sameeksha Takke, a.k.a. Atrangi Womaniya, is a popular Indian social media influencer. She is a popular digital model, content creator, fashion influencer, blogger, and YouTuber. With hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, the social media influencer was born in Mumbai. Sameeksha is especially known for her blog, funny, and lip-sync videos.

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Image. Source: Sameeksha Takke Instagram

Sameeksha Takke Biography 

Sameeksha was born on November 1, 1996, in a Hindu family to Sunil and Neelam Takke. She also has a sister, Sayali Takke. Sameeksha’s father, Sunil Takke, is a businessman who is involved in the design and fashion business. He runs a company called Siddhant Clothing and a tailoring class and fashion design institute, Kenny Tailoring Classes and Fashion Design Institute. Sameeksha’s mother is a housewife. She also lives with her grandmother.

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Image. Source: Sameeksha Takke Instagram

Sameeksha Takke Biography (Education)

Sameeksha completed her primary education at Our Lady of Remedy High School. She also completed her higher school education there. Sameeksha completed her B.Com. degree from D.G. Ruparel College, Mumbai University.

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Image. Source: Sameeksha Takke Instagram

During that time, she practiced cricket and played state-level cricket. Also, when she was in college, she played softball and baseball at the national level.

Sameeksha Takke Biography (Career)

At the age of 24, she made her debut on YouTube. Her social media journey started in 2020. Although she had to go through various difficulties initially, she proved that it is possible to conquer everything with hard work.

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At present, Sameeksha has 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube. Her Instagram follower number is 610k. Her popular video “Girlfriend with Trust Issues” on YouTube received almost 7.5 million views.

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Image. Source: Sameeksha Takke Instagram

Sameeksha Takke Net Worth

According to news from various social media sources, the total assets of the Sameeksha are between 1 and 5 crore rupees. All of her revenue comes from YouTube, paid promotions, and sponsorships. According to news sources, the monthly income of Sameeksha is 1 to 4 lakh rupees.

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Image. Source: Instagram

Sameeksha Takke Physique

With a height of 5’3” and a weight of nearly 58 kg, her beautiful, slim body counts 34-28-34.

She has charming black eyes and black hair.

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Image. Source: Instagram

Sameeksha Takke Age

According to 2023, Sameeksha is 27 years old now.

Sameeksha Takke diet

She follows a strict diet chart to maintain her body shape. We learned about her diet charts from a news website.

In the morning, Sameeksha takes low-fat milk or fruit juice and a veggie sandwich for breakfast. Then, at noon, she eats fresh vegetables, green salad, rice, roti, and curd. She takes coffee or juice, nuts, and dry fruits in the evening. For dinner, she eats vegetables, chapattis, fresh green salads, seasonal fruits, milk, and some desserts.

She also spends time in the gym to stay in shape. We found out from a website what her daily gym routine consists of and have given it below.

Sameeksha gets up early in the morning and spends an hour doing yoga, stretching, and walking. She does Pilates daily to increase her strength, stamina, and stability. She also includes push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, and squats in her workout routine. She also practices dancing daily.

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On a personal front, she is still single and not married.

Sameeksha Takke Favorite Things

  • Sameeksha’s favorite sport is cricket and she likes to watch cricket. Mahendra Singh Dhoni is her favorite cricketer. She is a supporter of Mumbai Indians.
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Image. Source: Instagram
  • Sameeksha wants to dress herself in Desi Sarees.
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Image. Source: Instagram
  • Akshay Kumar and Vicky Kaushal are Sameeksha’s favorite actors, and Kriti Sanon and Deepika Padukone are her favorite actresses.
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Image. Source: Sameeksha Takke Instagram
  • Her favorite car is BMW.
  • Red, black, and white are her favorite colors.
  • Her favorite foods are chocolate cake, pasta, pizza, ice cream, and sandwiches.
  • Goa, Ladakh, London, and Dubai are her favorite holiday destinations.
  • Her hobbies are dancing, gyming, traveling, and shopping.
  • Sameeksha is an animal lover.

Sameeksha Takke Instagram

One can follow this young lady, @sameekshatakke13

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