Tolly Beauties Gather For The Glamorous Secret Party; In Pics

There has been excitement for the past several days. A similar kind of social media post has been seen in the social media accounts of several Tollygunje actresses and female social media influencers. The posts were about the invitation to the Secret Temptation Party by Secret Temptation. Even Secret Temptation’s social media page was showing different posts related to the party. In the social media posts of every Tollygunje actress and female social media influencer, they can be seen in lavender and purple color dresses and opening the invitation box sent by the Secret Temptation. However, neither they nor the organizers have disclosed any information about exactly where and when it will happen.

But suddenly that party happened on the night of 23rd September. Secret Temptation’s Secret Party, Secret Temptation Party of the Year. The event was decorated with the Secret colors purple and lavender by the organizers, there was lavender carpet, lavender lighting, and the invitees dressed up in purple and lavender. Also, apart from taking selfies at this party, there was a special arrangement for making reels.

From multiple social media influencers to multiple actresses in the Tollywood world, who was not there at the party? Priyanka Sarkar, Puja Banerjee, Ushasi Ray, Srijla Guha, Sayantani Guhathakurta, Swastika Dutta, Nusraat Faria, Ritabhari Chakraborty, and others were present among a number of actresses from Tollygunge.

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Durga Puja is coming. Before Puja, this party was organized by Secret for Women at a hotel in Newtown. McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Secret, is the sponsor of this party. McNROE’s director Ankit Daga was present at the party. When he was asked about the party, he said, “The idea of around Secret is, it is an Open Secret, and the way that we look at our fragrances is, everybody will come and ask you, what you are wearing? You know a lot of people can wear a lot of brands but they can’t tell you essentially what you wearing and how good you are smelling.” “That is why for us it is what we call an Open Secret and it’s a secret at the end of the day,” he also added.

Actress Priyanka Sarkar who attended the event was asked about her experience and about the Secret brand. While she was talking about the Secret brand, she said, “Secret Temptation is the secret, which is secret, but not so secret.” About the event, she said, “We have been waiting for this event for a long time, and some very unique features that we can already see, like the lavender carpet, and we are also posing and dressing in lavender. So what else, all in all, It’s exciting.

Actress Aishwarya Sen was also asked about the event. She said, “First of all I would like to thank Secret Temptation and SVF brand because this year I can do this collaboration with them. And of course, I want these campaigns to continue year after year and I continue to collaborate with them.” Then about Secret, she said, “Secret Temptation’s colors are purple and lavender, so everything looks great, and time well spent.”

Along with Secret Temptation, McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd owns several other perfume brands, such as Wild Stone, Code, and Heavens Garden.

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