Animal Beats Pathaan and Jawan; To Become 2023's Highest Grossing Film

With over 40 cr. earning, Animal scored the "biggest Monday ever". Domestically, the film collected 246 crore after day 4. Source - Taran Adarsh.

The film, Sanju saw a 45% drop in its 1st Monday collection, and Animal also saw almost a 45% drop in its 1st Monday.

Kabir Singh saw a 37% drop on its 1st Monday, and Animal saw a 45% drop, which means Animal saw more than 8% drop than Kabir Singh on its 1st Monday.

After the 1st week, Sanju earned 340 cr., and overall 575 cr. and Animal already crossed 425 cr. after 4 days.

Vanga's debut Bollywood film Kabir Singh earned 382 cr. after 1st week of its release, and overall 793 cr. Animal already crossed 425 cr. after 4 days.

Globally, Pathaan and Jawan earned 1050.30 cr. and 1146 cr., respectively, and Domestically they earned 543.05 cr. and 643.87 cr. respectively.

So, if Animal holds the earning like it's doing, it can be the highest-grossing movie of 2023, and can easily break the record of SRK's Pathaan and Jawan.

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